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Focus Group Programs 

Focus groups are small group Yin Yoga Therapy Sessions that are limited to 6 students per group. Keeping group sizes small helps to foster a more intimate and supportive environment for participants to feel safe and encouraged as they seek to grow and heal together.  Groups typically meet once a week and run 8 weeks long. While the themes of the groups vary, all sessions cultivate space for somatic (physical) release of emotions, increased mindfulness, and nervous system regulation techniques. Focus groups are held at 1225 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN (in the front studio room at Appalachian Bouldering Center). 


Trauma & Triggers

Gaining Leadership Over Thoughts & Emotions

This 8-week program is designed to be a somatic-healing experience for those who are looking to overcome trauma and the struggles that emotional triggers present in their life. In this program, you will learn to deepen self-awareness, improve your relationship with your thoughts, emotional reality, and body image; and learn techniques to help manage triggers and begin to form new ways of processing and organizing information (neuroplasticity).

Program Objectives:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of trauma, recognizing its manifestations in thoughts, emotions & body

  • Know how to apply practical tools to help self-regulate

  • Understand fascia & the nervous system’s role in the mind-body connection

  • Foster self-compassion, acceptance & resiliency

  • Know what it means to embody a state of being or emotion

  • Be able to identify & name emotions you are feeling

  • Begin to feel safer & grounded within your own body

  • Release stored emotional energy

  • Increase self-awareness (in body & mind)

Program Outline:

Week 1: Understanding Trauma & Feeling Safe in Your Body - Metal Element

Week 2: Letting Go of Difficult Emotions (Somatic Release) - Wood Element

Week 3: Nurturing Your Inner Child - Fire Element

Week 4: Trust & Connection - Water Element

Week 5: Painting Your Emotional Landscape & Navigating Triggers- Earth Element

Week 6: Emotional Embodiment - Full Body

Week 7: Surrenduring to Not Knowing - Metal & Wood Elements

Week 8: Envisioning Life with a Healed Heart - Fire Element

Upcoming Course

Day/Time: Thursdays @ 6:00-7:30 PM

2/1/24 - 3/38/24 (No class 2/28-3/6)

Price: $275 for 8, 90-MIN Small Group Sessions

Location: 1225 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN


& Empowerment

Feminine Embodiment

As a woman in the current age of our“boss babe,” hustle and bustle, success-driven culture, it can become easy to find ourselves out of touch with our more innate, feminine qualities, such as creativity, trust, openness, compassion, etc. Over this 8-week program, learn to find better balance and get back in touch with the beauty and strength of both the yin and yang (feminine and masculine) qualities that we possess.

Program Objectives:

  • Cultivate self-awareness (body & mind)

  • Release fascia & stored emotions

  • Foster self-compassion, acceptance & resilience

  • Empowerment Exploration- learn to embrace the feminine & masculine energies in a balanced way

  • Increase awareness of how the trust & control fit into the energetic roles we foster

  • Strengthen the body-mind connection & have understanding of the multi-directional relationship between thoughts, emotions & physical state of being

  • Foster supportive community with time to share experiences

  • Learn practical tools that can be used in a sustainable way to help regulate mental & physical well-being

  • Understand how fascia relates to the nervous system, & physical & mental health

Program Outline:

Week 1: YINTRODUCTIONS- Intro to Yin Fundamentals, Beginning with Finding Solitude Within - Earth Element

Week 2: CTL+ALT+RELEASE- Navigating Your Inner Control Freak - Wood Element

Week 3: AUTHENTIC RESONANCE- Softening into Vulnerability & Self-Compassion - Fire Element

Week 4: FLOWING WITH EASE- Embracing the Qualities of Surrender & Trust - Water Element

Week 5: INNER STRENGTH UNVEILED- Embracing the Feminine Wisdom in Stillness & Boundaries - Metal Element

Week 6: SENSUAL FLOW- Embrace Body Exploration & Empowerment - Full Body Yin Fusion

Week 7: EBB & FLOW MASTERY- Harmonizing Yin & Yang Energies -Earth Element Yin Fusion

Week 8: RADIANT RENEWAL- Embracing Sustainable Change, Inner-Healing & Growth


Upcoming Course

Day/Time: Tuesdays @ 4:45-6:15 PM

3/30/24 - 3/36/24 (No class 2/28-3/6)

Price: $275 for 8, 90-MIN Small Group Sessions

Location: 1225 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN

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