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About Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga utilizes long held poses, breathwork, and mindfulness in order to focus on strengthening and releasing the deepest layers of connective tissue and fascia. Not only is this important for preventing tissue injuries, especially as we age, but since 80% of nerve pathways end in the fascia, many people physically store emotional energy in the body. This can result in chronic pain and/or illness, as well as mental health issues. Blockages in certain body areas are found to be connected to different emotions. Yin Yoga is therapeutic in nature because of the mind-body connection that is addressed in order to establish improved physical and mental health. This makes it a wonderful addition to traditional talk therapy. For many, the practice transcends to a rich experience of spiritual connectedness and growth as well. 

Some Benefits of Yin Yoga Include: Increased mindfulness; Neuroplasticity (=changing the ways you process info and learning to respond instead of react); Increased synovial fluid and tissue hydration; Antifibrotic effects; Balancing of the body's tension distribution system; management of chronic pain and illness; Increased immune functioning; Down-regulating the nervous system (=less stress and anxiety); Increased self awareness in mind and body; Natural balancing of elastin and collagen (=structure and elasticity balance in skin & joints); Better mental focus, clarity, and creativity; Releasing stored emotional energy

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About the Creator of WHYHH

"For years, as a competitive and collegiate athlete, I struggled with injury after injury and chronic back/neck pain as well as chronic depression. My life changed drastically when I discovered Yin Yoga and began diving deep into research of alternative, holistic healing/ injury and illness prevention methods. I initially began my yoga journey for myself, but once I realized how healing the practice could be, I felt like it was the piece of the mental AND physical health connection that I had been searching for. I then traveled to India where I was trained as a Yin Yoga Therapy instructor as I began to plan how I could integrate this form of body work with my knowledge around mental health counseling. 


Having a MA of clinical mental health counseling, I integrate concepts of counseling with Yin Yoga classes in order to create a holistic wellness model that is aimed at individualized care, which intersects mind and body wellness. Since everybody and every BODY is different, it is my goal to work with you toward identifying thought patterns, posture, lifestyle, etc., that may be hindering you from reaching your goals regarding pain, physical performance, mental health and/or overall wellness."

-Hannah Rae 

Creator & Instructor of WHYHH

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